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Barbados Tourist Board can give you everything you need for a perfect holiday, including how to get here, where to stay, what to do and how to enjoy this fabulous island

Release Date: January 1, 2001 750 mL bottle Alcohol/Vol 43.0% Made in: Barbados By: Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. Style: Bold & Oaky

Rum Heritage. Barbados is widely credited as the birthplace of rum. The first commercial sugar cane crop was planted in in Barbados 1640, but settlers had already been harvesting small crops to create a popular local beverage called ‘Kill-Devil’ an early ancestor of the modern-day spirit.

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The first stop on the Rum Cruise was Barbados for a dizzying tour of the island’s distilleries, liquor stores and rum shops. Up first, Foursquare Distillery.

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This is the middle-America, cruise-ship rum punch. Nobody in Barbados makes a rum punch using all this nonsense fruit juice. It’s a simple recipe. 1 of sour (fresh squeezed lime juice), 2 of sweet (cane sugar), 3 of strong (Rum – Mount Gay), 4 of weak (water).

Rum is such an evocative spirit. It transforms, transcends and instantly transports the drinker to the sun-washed shores of the West Indies; …

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At the Mount Gay Rum Visitors Centre in Barbados, the colorful history of the world’s oldest rum comes to life. In operation since 1703, the distillery in St. Lucy Parish includes both historic and modern equipment, as well as a duty-free store for purchasing rum and other souvenirs.

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Tell well-heeled travellers you had dinner in a rum shop and you can see disbelief cross their faces. But oh, what they miss. Dinner at Braddies Bar in Bath Village on the outskirts of St. Lawrence Gap in Barbados was one of the best I had during my stay on the island, not to mention Santia Bradshaw

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Explore three centuries of Mount Gay Rum’s history, craft, and sailing heritage. From rum’s beginnings in 1703 Barbados, a detail of island ingredients, to contemporary cocktails recommended for each blend.

Release Date: January 27, 2015 750 mL bottle Alcohol/Vol 43.0% Made in: Barbados By: Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. Style: Bold & Oaky