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A shift in play patterns. For its first ten years, G.I. Joe was a generic soldier/adventurer with only the slightest hints of a team concept existing.

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GIJOE issue 246 sells out. Dec 5, 2017 – If you did not get your copy or copies of GIJOE A Real American Hero issue

Joepedia is a complete guide to G.I. Joe that anyone can edit, with episodes and characters from the G.I. Joe series and movie.

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Sunbow’s G.I. Joe the Movie was the centerpiece for this year, and several toys were produced of the new characters that debuted within it. Even better, with the Steel Brigade mail-in offer that debuted this year, you too could join the G.I. Joe team!

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The A Real American Hero franchise (also known as RAH for short) is a relaunch of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe series in 1982. While a very American property, it was also successfully marketed in other countries.

This was actually justified however—at the time, they were trying to actively market the toy against similar, competing toys that began to come out after G.I. Joe began.