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How deep can you hand pump a well? As deep as 325′ water level – with only moderate force. Fits with submersible in almost all wells.

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A positive displacement pump makes a fluid move by trapping a fixed amount and forcing (displacing) that trapped volume into the discharge pipe.

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Installs in almost all wells beside the submersible. Pump from 325′ water level with only moderate effort. Pump to pressure tank. Costs less.

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Shop hand water pumps at Lehman’s. Have questions before buying a hand pump? Talk to our experts about a deep hand well pump that’s perfect for you.

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For some reason the photos are upside down here, but rightside up on my computer. Hmmm. I needed a hand-powered water pump for a ‘s toy, but the hardware store

Hand water pump with a pendulum – replicated by Miroslav Zupkov, August 2004, Novi Sad, Serbia – *Note: The pipe is placed at the depth of 12 meters, but because of hydrostatic pressure,

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One sort of pump once common worldwide was a hand-powered water pump, or ‘pitcher pump’. It was commonly installed over community water wells in the days before piped water …