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Download the free Showtime font by ARRF Designs. It is a fontbat font created in 1998 and has been downloaded 295,071 times.

A unique collection of 350 handcrafted model planes has been unveiled for the first time, revealing the bizarre pre-First World War designs that led …

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The Water Deer is harmless, but this bizarre sure looks like something that stepped straight out of a nightmare just to suck your blood.

Fifteen or 15 may refer to:. 15 (number), the natural number following 14 and preceding 16 one of the years 15 BC, AD 15, 1915, 2015

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The High Museum of Art in Atlanta has assembled 17 of the most beautiful, hideous, and strange automotive creations.

The future of wind turbines? Bizarre-looking funnel produces SIX times more energy than traditional designs. The Sheerwind Invelox turbine directs wind through a funnel

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Designs in Air are a pioneering inflatable design company who create original inflatable sculptures and spectacular installations that have been featured at many major events and exhibitions around the world.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure tells the story of the Joestar family, a family whose various members discover they are destined to take down supernatural foes using unique powers that they possess.

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Steven M. Johnson’s “Patent Depending” series of inventions range from social commentary to plain ol’ bizarre, and they always give us a laugh. So we’ve contracted him to let us publish one every week.